Groom gets a lap dance from popular Instagram model in a hilarious wedding ceremony (video)

A couple from Miami has set the social media abuzz with a trending video of one of the most hilarious wedding receptions of recent. In a viral video posted on Instagram, the bride was spotted giving her groom a lap dance while the bridesmaids were twerking in front of the invited guests.

According to several sources, the bride is a popular Instagram model. She wanted to do something special and memorable on her wedding day. So, she removed her traditional wedding gown and wore a highly revealing outfit. She then proceeded to give her man a lap dance in front of everyone.

While the coupe were grinding in the middle of the dance floor, the bridesmaids were found twerking in unison.

The video has generated several reactions form social media users. Most people are of the opinion that it was a wild party. They also described the bride’s outfit as indecent.

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