Fashion: The origin of kimono

Kimono is of the Japanese origin. It is a Japanese traditional and unique dress showing the Japanese sense if fashion.

The first ancestor of the kimono was born in the Heian period(794-1192).

Kimono is a symbol of longetivity and good fortune.

The are full length T-shaped Robes that have long sleeves and can be fastened with a decorative belt, worn by both men and women.

Generally, the are made of silk and sown to fit every sort of body shape.

Today, kimonos have evolved tremendously in terms of design, fabric and wearabilty. The traditional kimono is not so simple. It is extremely expensive.costing several hundred pounds because it is traditionally made if expensive silk and linen and because its seam and edges must be finished by hand.

Wearing kimono will be seen as respectful and demonstrate a passion for Japanese culture.

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