Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the secret of his success

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the secret of his success

Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the most successful athletes in the World. He has placed himself at a level where only a player like Lionel Messi could get.

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His extra hardwork coupled with his winning mentality has helped in keeping him at top level throughout illustrious career.

But, aside from the fact that Cristiano does more on the pitch, what he puts inside his body seems to form the core of his success.

The 35-year-old Juventus forward revealed in a promotional video on Instagram that his diet is the secret behind his successful career.

“Victory starts on the inside,” he wrote.

We all lose nutrients. Which I need to replenish with proper supplements.

“Herbalife Nutrition’s team helps me do that. Bringing out my best requires putting in the best.

“That’s why the core of my success is good nutrition.”

Watch below:

Meanwhile, Juventus will be needing Ronaldo’s services to overcome a top four chasing Lazio, in the week 34 of the Italian Serie A on Monday.

The defending champions are currently sitting at the top of the table with 77 points, six ahead of second placed Inter Milan.

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