Azumini blue River; A sight to behold

Nature is a free gift from our creator, however, some natural sights are just too beautiful to behold.

Azumini blue River, similar to the Caribbean sea is one of its kind in Nigeria as there is no other blue River found in Nigeria. The Azumini river is also known as “The Blue River”. It is surrounded by beauty and nature, luch green and cool water.

Azumini blue River is found in Ukwa east local government area in Abia State, South Eastern Nigeria, having a boundary with Akwa Ibom state.

The attractive feature of this natural beauty is, its crystal clear blue River. The stones from the river also serves as raw materials and are important piece to the Aba glass industry.

Azumini blue River in Abia State
Azumini blue River in Abia State

Besides the Azumini blue River is the Azumini hill which complements the beauty of the river. Other relaxation activities that can be carried out there include canoe riding, picnicking and beach parties.

The Azumini people believe that it was because of the peculiar nature of the river that made their ancestors decide to dwell in the present location.

Azumini blue River adds up as a tourist site in Abia state, and a beautiful sight to behold.

Divine Onwuka

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