8 ways to identify an original Ankara fabric

Ankara is basically an African wax print which is the most common material for clothing in Africa especially in West Africa. Ankara is said to have originated from Dutch, hence, it so also known as Dutch wax print.

Ankara  fabrics are industrially produced as colorful cotton cloths and are produced with batik dying technique.

The basic feature of these ankara materials is the lack of difference in the color intensity of the front and back sides.

Also, the wax fabric of these clothing can be classified into categories of quality due to how it is manufactured and the processes involved.

The have good features which makes people to look out for when shopping for these fabrics.


Ways to identify original Ankara:

1. Original Ankara fabrics absorbs water easily. Water does not find it difficult to penetrate into the fabric or absorb when dipped into the water. They also get dry easily after wash.

2. Ankara should be 100% cotton. It should not feel like nylon, silk or polysteyr. Original ankara fabrics are purely made of cotton.

3. When the price of an ankara fabric is cheaper then it is a red flag. Original ankara fabrics are not very cheap as compared to counterfeit.

4. Original ankara fabrics are smooth and soft to touch. Even if it is rumpled, it goes back to its normal texture immediately it is ironed.

5. Ankara fabrics have strength, they are not only used for making dresses. Ankara fabrics can be used to make durable and quality bags and shoes.

6. The colour of original Ankara fabrics do not bleed when dipped in water. And can be used as good combination with plain fabrics without causing stain to the plain fabric.

7. Original ankara fabrics are excellent resistance of scratch’s or accidental abrasive movement. Their prints are made through an Indonesian qax-resist dying technique called “Batik” so such how high standard print hardly gets scratch.

8. Check for selvages and stickers on ankara fabric. Original ankara fabric have ‘made in…’ rather than ‘made for… Or made made as…’ . Names of known manufacturers may Also be misspelt. Logos and branding of original Ankara fabrics may be copied but are not completely the same.

Most original ankara fabrics have : Hitarget,, flygle, orientar and sunbelt below its print.


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