8 reasons why you should hug more often.

8 reasons why you should hug more often.

Hugging has to do with our sense of touch. It doesn’t stop at allowing is to explore our physical world but creates a communication with others by creating bonds.

8 reasons why you should hug more often.

Touch is likely the first sense of sense we experience starting down the womb. From birth we enjoy the gentle caress of a mother and it’s benefit such as promoting the growth of brain cells.

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Hugging is a relaxant and has calming effects.

Here are reasons why you should hug more often;

  • Improves sleep
  • Increase well being and pleasure
  • It reduces reactivity to stress
  • Lowers blood pressure: hugging releases the bonding hormone-oxytocin, which can lower blood pressure.
  • Increases self esteem: This can be found in childhood especially, it inculcates sense of self worth and they grow with it to adulthood. When we are feeling down or unsure of ourselves a hug can transform that feeling.
  • It enhances relationship: Hugging creates a feeling of safety and trust. In a relationship which hugging and touching are present tend to be stronger or last longer.

  • Boost immunity: people under Stress are more susceptible to viruses. Hugging reduces stress and as such boost immunity.
  • Good for your heart.

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