7 ways to get rid of car smells

Car smells can be offensive and discomforting. It can  betraced to excess moisture. Over 50% relative humidity and mold usually lives in a porous materials, leathers and foam.

Car smells can be as a result spilled drinks, forgotten clothes, sweaty clothes, water leaks from roofs or loosened doors and bad weather.

Besides being offensive, car smells can cause allergy.


See how to get rid of car smells.

  1. Remove all visible causes of car smells such as leftover foods or clothes. Remove all garbage from the interior of the vehicle. Check under the seats, inside the door pockets and glove compartments or any spot in the car that can collect trash.
  2. Use odor apart for hard surface and smooth surface. Spray into air box or conditioning vents.
  3. Leave your car out with open windows on a sunny or breezy day  to help it dry out.
  4. Scrub car carpets mad upholstery.
  5. Use air fresheners on your car to get rid of smells. You can also use natural air fresheners like vanilla.
  6. Engage in professional cleaning services to get more professional cleaning for your car.
  7. When cleaning, clean the car engine too. Car smells can come from there.



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