6 ways to deal with breakup

Breakup is such a traumatic experience that one should dread but most times it is inevitable. Someone you think will be your last bus stop turns out to be a roundabout.

Breakups can happen because of so many issues like deceit, cheating, financial issues, family clash, family problem and even mental cases. When you break up with your partner, it isn’t the end of the world.

They are some steps that will help you cope and they include –

1. Give yourself time

Give yourself time to heal. Create a private space for yourself. You can listen to music, sleep, think over your life and strategize on how to get back on your feet. Cry if need be, pray, whatever that can make you better, do it.

2. Stay busy

When your mind is busy and occupied, it will not give you enough time to weep over spilt milk. If you have a job, keep yourself engrossed in it. If you don’t, find something to do no matter what it may be, it will help keep your mind away from the breakup or trauma.

3. Talk to family and friends

Talking things out helps a lot. It makes you relieved and empty. You can talk to a trusted friend, mother, father, siblings, anyone you feel comfortable with, even a therapist. You can also talk to God if you are a private person and wouldn’t like others to interfere in your privacy.

4. Regular exercise and good feeding

The fact that you broke up doesn’t make you so adamant about your health and appearance. Ensure you eat good food, don’t skip meals, also exercise regularly. Good exercise sends good hormones to the brain and body. Don’t allow a breakup to mess up your life as it depends solely on it, no matter how tough it might be.

5. Music and words of affirmation

If you are the one that loves music. Music is said to help a lot during the breakup period. It boosts your spirit and makes you feel connected as some lines of music hit directly the soul. Good music is recommended after a breakup. Remember good not sad music.

6. Go out often

Try to go out after your break up, socialize with people, have fun and who knows you might be lucky again to find your true love this time.

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