6 important kitchen appliances to ease cooking stress

You must not keep stressing yourself every time you are in the kitchen when there are kitchen appliances that will do the work you need.

These kitchen appliances are faster and even gives better result than when we decide to go manually. Some kitchen appliances are more sophisticated than others and very expensive while others are less expensive and a necessity for every kitchen.


1. Pressure cooker

Do you hate it when you begin to cook and it takes forever to get done? Even though there are food that naturally takes time to cook, pressure cooker aids food to get done quickly, so it helps you conserve gas or electricity because it adds pressure to what you are cooking to get it done very quick.


2. Blender

Having a blender in the kitchen will save you from the stress that comes with using mortal and pestle to grind things. And it is faster and saves time. Blender is so convenient that even if you want to grind your beans for akara or moi-moi, you do not have to go about looking for a grinding machine all you have to do is to make your beans soft by soaking in the water and then blend.


3. Microwave

Microwave is a kitchen appliance that eases the stress of lighting the gas cooker to warm or cool light foods. You just have to put in on and warm, grill or do whatever you want to do.


4. Water kettle

Water kettle in the kitchen makes it easy for you to boil water with lighting the gas or stove. Unlike the gas cooker it automatically switches off when it gets to its boiling point making it a protective kitchen appliance.


5. Mixer

Stand mixer
Hand mixer

This is a lifesaving kitchen appliance for bakers. It makes baking become so easy and fun. Mixers come in form of hand mixers or stand mixers.


6. Refrigerator


Refrigerator keeps your cooked food and leftovers from getting spoilt. And also helps keep your drinks chilled.

It keeps your veggies and fruits from getting spoilt fast and also serves as a preserver for uncooked foods e.g meat.

When stressed from work you don’t have to get afraid of your perishables getting spoilt because you do not get to cook them. All you have to do is to throw them into the refrigerator.

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