5 values of good friendship

A good friendship is what everyone needs because no man is an island and will surely need the companion, advice, help or support of others.

Good friendship is underestimated and should be one’s top goal. Having good friends can be a blessing and it is satisfying. It also creates a lifetime bond.

Values of good friendship include:

1. Emotional support

There are up and low moments we all encounter in life. Good friends serve as an emotional pillar to their friends and offer advice, care and love till one gets back to his/her feet. Just assume you don’t have good friends around you and then something bad happens to you, you can run into depression and your mental health affected.

2. Lifetime bond

A good friendship lasts till forever. It doesn’t end but grows from year to year, might extend to families including your children. It brings a lifetime relationship and connection.

3. Brings Happiness and peace of mind

When you mingle with your friends, you all can have a lot of fun activities like going on a vacation, sightseeing, swimming, gisting or doing what brings you all happiness. Having someone or people you know are always there for you brings one peace of mind.

 4. Connections

Having friends allows one to connect with others. A good connection can bring you a life change. Connections to business, love, politics and religious post. Never joke with a good friend or friendship. It’s life-changing.

5. Inculcation of good habits

When you mingle with likewise mind, you are likened to learn some of their healthy behaviours and thereby improving your lifestyle.

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