5 Steps to taking care of your natural hair on a low budget.

Natural hair or afro as some prefer to call it, is a hair that is free from chemical such as relaxers.

Natural hair can be enticing and beautiful when properly taken care of.


You should not wait until you have enough money for various hair treatment before you take care of your natural hair.

See some steps to taking care of your hair without much cost:

  • Constant application of water: this can be done by washing of hair regularly or when combing the hair. Drinking enough water daily helps the hair too.
  • Avoid shampoos that contain chemicals like ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, these chemicals tend to cause dryness and breakage to the hair. In order to reduce cost the hair can be washed with black soap, you can even get them from your local market.
  • Eat healthy meals: proper nutrition adds to the growth of the hair to make it healthier and good looking. Meals such as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, whole grain, omega-3 fatty acid, eggs and poultry are good to the hair, making it stronger and healthier.
  • Use a wide tooth comb: wide tooth combs have enough space between the rows to allow movement through the hair. They make the hair less painful while detangling.
  • Always braid your natural hair before you sleep: It helps to seal in moisture all through the night, with braids the hair strands will be closely held together.

A healthy hair can be achieved without much cost, always pay attention to your natural hair if you have one.

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