5 simple ways to deal with stress.

We say we are stressed when we feel everything seems to have become too much- that we have overworked or have too much pressure on us.

Stress is anything that poses a threat to our well being. Factors that are responsible for causing stress are called stressors.

A stressor is the actual cause of the interpretative stress response.

Stress can be caused by:

  • Poor working conditions
  • Work overload
  • Lack of group cohesiveness
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Occupational demands

Here are the five ways to deal with stress;

  1. Engage socially: The simple act of having a facial conversation with another person can release hormones that reduces stress. Stay with friends, gist and take your mind off worries.

   2. Exercise: Engaging in physical activities plays a key role in the management of stress. One can engage in activities like running, swimming, dancing and aerobic classes. Regular exercise can lift mood and help relieve stress, anxiety and anger.

3. Set aside relaxation time; yoga, meditation, deep breathing and cool music help the body’s relaxation.

4. Eat healthy diet: Well nourished bodies are better ways to cope with stress.

5. Avoid much workload: Learn to do one thing at a time. Work overload increases pressure and causes stress.

Our response to stress is most important in the way we deal with it. A persistent positive response should be built instead of a negative one.


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