30 internet slangs you probably don’t know.

Internet slangs these days have become part of the internet world. Almost everyone uses it and when you see it as a text message, you may be left in a confusing state if you are not well accustomed with them.

Internet slangs are sort of informal are should not be used in a formal setting. It can be used among friends and close relatives.

See examples of internet slangs

  1. BRB- Be right back
  2. G2G- Good to go
  3. TTYL- Talk to you later
  4. IMO- In my opinion
  5. LOL- Laugh out Loud
  6. JK- Just kidding
  7. IMU- I miss you
  8. ADIH- Another day in hell
  9. TNTL- Trying not to laugh
  10. BAE- Before anyone else
  11. BFF- Best friends forever
  12. POV- point of view
  13. TBH- To be honest
  14. WTF- What the fuck
  15. SRSLY- Seriously
  16. CWOT- Complete waste of time
  17. DM – Direct Message
  18. JSYK- Just so you know
  19. OC- Original Content
  20. 4AO- For adults only
  21. JIC – Just in case
  22. NBD- Not big deal
  23. OMW- On my way
  24. TGIF- Thank God is Friday
  25. B2B – Back to back
  26. BTW- By the way, between
  27. AMA- Ask me anything
  28. G4N – Fine for now
  29. FAQ- Frequently asked questions
  30. ASAP- As soon as possible.

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