30 habits to become a smart person

Smart people are always admired everywhere they are because they carry traits other people want to have.

At times when we see people, we wonder if they have computers in their brains, but the fact remains that there are things that distinguish them from other people.

If you want to become a smart person, keep these habits:

1. Be particular about things we read or watch.

2. Learn to prioritise very important things.

3. Be mindful of your post on social media.

4. Learn to be focused.

5. Learn to save funds.

6. Learn about other people cultures.

7. Strive to acquire new knowledge.

8. Cross check your criticism before you make an opinion.

9. Learn to travel and explore new places as much as you can.

10. Have a   pad where you put down important information.

11. Make good use of your dictionary.

12. Learn to ask for help when you need it.

13. Share your knowledge when you can.

14. Make proper research before trying out new things.

15. Build a library.

16. Eat healthy meals

17.  Feed your brain with healthy information.

18. Before you speak, listen to yourself.

19. Keep track of your finances.

20. Keep a  daily journal.

21. Involve yourself in community work.

22.  Exercise always.

23. Keep smart friends

24. Plan before launching into any action.

25. Keep yourself abreast with information

26. Read books daily.

27. Smell good always.

28. Play brain games

29. Learn to manage your time.

30. Never stop learning!


There are many ways to becoming a person. Keep the points listed above and watch yourself transform into a smart person.



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