3 Protective reasons why you should paint your car blue

Choosing the best colour to paint your car may not be as easy as it might seem. You may need to choose a colour out of emotions of just colour representations. The colour of your car tells something about you.

While choosing a car colour, it is necessary to choose a colour that is visible on the road while hiding dirt and mud. There are varieties of colour that can go well on cars, but we would be looking at the colour blue!

Blue is calming, cool, clean and sophisticated. It shows confidence, credibility and authority. Drivers of blue cars would likely be seen as dependable and confident. Blue cars can come in different shades, buy the darker the shade of blue, the more authority it compels.

Protective reasons to paint your car blue are:

1. Cars painted blue maintain resell value because blue cars are one of the most popular car colours and it has higher chances of people buying it other than yellow or green cars.

2. When stained with dirts, it is not so visible like a white or silver car. Blue cars with light shade are even easier to maintain and mask scratches.

Light blue represent what most people would call a chick colour.

Light blue car

3. Blue cars are protected because it is less likely to be pulled over by thiefs of the police unlike white, silver, black,red, gold and green.

So when next you are choosing a colour to Paint your car, consider using blue.

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