10 Interesting facts about Abia State

Abia state is one of the South Eastern States in Nigeria. Abia state has Umuahia as its capital and Aba as the largest commercial city. Formerly part of Imo state, Abia state has facts that will interest you.


1. Abia State was created out of Imo state on 27 May 1991.

2.  Abia is an acronym for the first letter of the major group in the state at the time of its creation: Aba, Bende, Isikwuato, Afikpo.

3. Abia State is the most populous city in the South East.

4. Abia State was a traditional market town for the Igbo speaking people of the tropical rainforest before the establishment of the British military post in 1901.

5. Abia State is the hub of manufacturing textiles, shoes, bags, clothes, plastics and a whole lot of things.

6. Abia state is one of the most industrialised states in the country.

7. Abia State borders on the north by Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi; on the west- Imo; East- Cross River; South East- Akwa Ibom; South- Rivers state.

8. Abia State residents are predominantly Christians.

9. Abia State has tourist sites:

  • National War meseum and Ojukwu bunker, Umuahia.
  • Amakama wooden cave, Amakama
  • The Long JuJu of Arochukwu
  • Azumini blue River
  • Museum of colonial history, Aba

10. Abia state is known for its biggest market, Ariaria International market.


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