What you should know about Narcissist personality Disorder and 6 ways to spot people with it

Narcissist personality disorder (NPD) is a disorder where one feels too important and has this inflated ego or pride.

A narcissist is selfish even at the expense of others. They crave for power, brilliance, excessive admiration for oneself . They usually have this sense of entitlement and lacks empathy. They are arrogant too.

Discovering a narcissist is not that easy especially when you are romantically involved with the person. They are toxic and manipulative and should be avoided.


How to spot a Narcissist:

1.They feel so important 

Narcissist always love to brag about their achievements because it makes them feel so great and important about themselves. It also makes them feel they are smarter and better than everyone. They exaggerate a lot and will do everything to impress everyone.

2.They gaslight people 

Narcissists are manipulative. They are ready to gaslight, accuse you, distort the truth and lie to make you feel bad and below them. They can do anything to get you do their bidding. They are toxic and can make you doubt your self confidence and worth. They like to pose this air of superiority.

3.They don’t have Empathy

Empathy means understanding the feelings or needs of others. A narcissist never understands how others feel since they are so busy gloating in their pride. They make you feel like you don’t belong and will never validate your feelings or interests.

4.They have sense of entitlement

Narcissists always want to be given special attention and treatment. They have a sense of entitlement that everything must go their way. If things doesn’t go their way, they throw tantrums and get upset. They always want people to be there for them.

5.They never apologise 

Narcissists never apologise as they claim to be always right. They are always right and never do wrong. They seek perfection. They always want apology but never apologise to others.

6.The want to be in control

They always want to be in control. They never want to be below anyone.

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