Necessary things you should know about the Covid-19 vaccine

Necessary things you should know about the Covid-19 vaccine

After the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the whole world, medical scientists and the body of The World Health Organisation have been working tirelessly to get treatment for the virus.

The covid-19 vaccine is effective to help protect against gay disease and death that may arise from the presence not the virus in the human system.

If you have been wanting to get more information about the vaccine, you are on the right page.

Let’s go!

How it works

The covid-19 vaccine is produced to look or behave like the virus, when introduce into the human system, the immune system brings up antibodies to fight it off and prevent the person from getting sick. It teaches our immune system how to recognise and fight the virus that causes Covid-19 so that if the person vaccinated comes in contact with the virus, their immune system recognises it and remembers how to fight it.


What you should know

• Children from the age of 5 and above are eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine. There are different variants of the vaccine for different age range. When getting a Covid-19 vaccine, go for one that falls under your age. The dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine varies by age on the day of vaccination.

• Getting a Covid-19 vaccine will not stop you from engaging in your day-to-day activities.

• While getting vaccinated against Covid-19, it is possible to get other vaccination at the same time, such as Flu vaccination.

• Even after being vaccinated, people can get Covid-19 sometimes. This only happens among a small proportion of people. But due to the presence of the vaccine, the infection is likely to be mild.

• When a large population takes the Covid-19 vaccine, it reduces the speed for it to spread from one person to another and can serve as a protection to those who cannot be vaccinated e.g newborns.

• Almost all ingredients used to produce the Covid-19 vaccine are found in foods. They do not contain ingredients like preservation, latex or metal.


Even after being vaccinated against Covid-19, you must wear your facemask constantly, wash your hands regularly and avoid crowding.



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