How to manage sickle cell anaemia.

Sickle cell diseases comprise a group of inherited disorders that alters the shape of the red blood cells.

Most people who live with sickle cell anemia have little chances of living, however, there are ways it can be managed.

Management of sickle cell anemia

Anaemia is a medical condition in which there is reduction in the number of red blood cells. Normal red blood cells live for 120 days while sickle red blood cells live for only 15 days. Preventive measures include;

  1. Diet therapy- A balanced diet provides nourishment for the body and help replace lost blood.
  2. Folic acid- it is utilized in bone marrow and spleen for synthesis of hemoglobin.
  • Management of infections

Children especially are prone to attack by microbial agents like bacterial and viruses. Such attacks result in infections like meningitis, septicemia and malaria.

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Preventive measures include

  1. Screening homes to avoid insect bites by using mosquito nets.
  2. Availabilityof prompt medical attention
  3. Water therapy (6-8) glass daily.

Management of organ failures

The constant blocking and clogging of blood by sickle cell affect the circulation of blood and prevent proper transportation of required nutrients to the other parts of the body. The organs affected are Lungs, kidney, spleen, heart, bone marrow, eye and legs.


  1. Behavioural modification
  2. Diet therapy
  3. Surgery
  4. Transplant.

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