U.S. Infectious Disease Chief Predicts When The New Vaccine ‘Moderna’ Will Be Ready


U.S. infectious disease Chief Dr Anthony Fauci has predicted the time the country’s coronavirus vaccine would be ready for distributions, According to him, the Covid-19 vaccine might be ready by year’s end.

Fauci made the revelation While speaking to Reuters on Thursday.

There are no guarantees, “I feel good about the projected timetable,”  Fauci  said.

Fauci said Moderna’s results were especially promising because the vaccine appeared to offer the type of protection seen in a natural infection.

In vaccine development, “one of the things that you hope for is that your vaccine induces a response that’s comparable to a natural infection, because theoretically, the best vaccine you could possibly ever get is a natural infection”.

The long awaited vaccine according to many experts, will be the only way out of the pandemic that has infected millions and killed more than 575,000 people globally.

Trump administration is fully committed to deliver more than 300 million doses of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine by January.

On Tuesday, Moderna, a biotechnology company in partnership with the National Institutes of Health announced that it has developed a coronavirus vaccine which has been found to induce immune responses in all of the volunteers who received it in a Phase 1 study.Fauci has predicted the time the country's coronavirus vaccine would be ready

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