Covid-19: UK To Begin Testing Of It’s Experimental Vaccine On Thursday


The United Kingdom has confirmed that it’s experimental Coronavirus vaccine will be launched on humans on Thursday April 23, 2020.

 British Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced yesterday that an experimental vaccine for coronavirus disease will be passed to human trials as early as Thursday after clinical trials have shown “promising results”.

Matt Hancock✔@MattHancock

NEWS: The first human trials for vaccines begin in the UK on Thursday. We’re giving the 2 leading UK vaccine teams at Oxford & Imperial all the support they need to make it happen

The vaccine was developed by the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford. If the results of the trial comes positive, then serial production will begin in the coming days. Hancock announced that the British government had transferred £20 million to the development team, with the aim of generating a large amount of vaccines.

“Vaccine development is an uncertain science, but the two development teams working on finding a vaccine have shown promising progress. At the same time, we are increasing vaccine production capacity to bring an effective vaccine to the public in the fastest possible time,” Hancock said.

The vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19), was developed from “a harmless virus of genetically engineered chimpanzees to mimic certain features of the coronavirus”. The development team claims to have revealed over eighty percent efficiency.

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