Breastfeeding positions for babies.

Breastfeeding children is not just a custom that every lactating mother should abide to, but a necessity to a baby’s growth.

Breastfeeding position describes how you hold your baby at your breast so that they can feed.

In breastfeeding a baby the mother should;

  • Hold the baby close to their nose level.
  • The nipple should be aimed to the roof of the mouth.
  • The nipple and the area around the nipple should be deep in the baby’s mouth.
  • In the correct position, your baby will be able to suck, swallow and breath comfortably.
  • The deeper the attachment the more comfortable the mother and baby will be.
  • Know when the child is feeding, the cheeks appear fuller.

Breastfeeding positions include;

Laid back/reclining position

Side lying position

Cross- cradle position

Football position


Cradle hold

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