7 sure ways to guard your mental health

Your mental health is to be protected following the societal stress that people do go through each day.

Every day people go through stuff or see things that may throw them off balance and bring down their morale. So, it is necessary to engage in activities or avoid certain things that would make tamper with your mental health.


Sure ways to protect your meant a health:

1. Keep a check on how often you use social media

Mental health is easily tampered with on social media with all the noise and competition online. A lot of people worry about things they can’t have due to what they see people post and how successful they think people on social media are.

If you are not careful, social media can be a threat.

Don’t allow social media to define you.


2. Ask for help

Don’t die in silence. Speak up and ask for help when you do need it. It helps you from putting much pressure on yourself. Speak to trusted family and friends.

Your mental health can only be protected when you are open to help from people at least once in a while.


3. Express yourself

Engage in activities where you can express yourself best. It gives you a sense of responsibility and growth. Some of these activities are Singing, drawing, games etc.

Just make sure that you are putting your mind into whatever you are doing, it helps you keep your thoughts in check and guard your mental health.


4. Set limits

Set limits on what you hear, read or see. Avoid feeding your mind with anything you see online or offline.

Set limits on the kind of friends you keep, avoid friends that would make you always think low of yourself.

Guard your mental health, do not permit everything to get to you.


5. Exercise

You may wonder what exercise got to do with your mental health.

Exercise works like therapy to keep your mind and mental health in check. It builds the body and keeps it in a better check.


6. Have a routine

Developing a routine daily or weekly will help to monitor your growth without putting too much pressure on yourself. It helps you to become more productive and self-appreciative.

It helps to curb time spent on unnecessary things.


7. Offer help 

Surprisingly, offering help to other people help you feel good and satisfied. When you are away helping other people, you become dear to the problems society may pose to you.

If there are things that you would do to guard your mental health, it should be offering help to other people.



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