7 reasons why you should not miss breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal taken in the day after the long fast of the hight. It is one of the most important meals of the day and were to replenish the supply of glucose to boost energy level and alertness.

Most people skip breakfast because they are trying to lose weight or they are not hungry, the cost or  Its unavailability.

Breakfast can include whole grain, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.


See the reason why you should not miss breakfast:

1. Breakfast tends to make people more physically active in the morning than those who do not take it.

2. Breakfast strengthens the brain because the brain has not the energy it needs to get going and not having breakfast can affect your mental performance and your ability to concentrate.

3. Taking breakfast reduces the chances of falling ill: those who take breakfast have a reduced risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes or obesity.

4. Breakfast encourages healthy eating because when breakfast is missed, people will begin to pick on snacks in the mid-morning. And can often make people look for a high-energy drink that what would them through the day.

5. Breakfast helps control weight, some persons skip breakfast because they think that they would add weight. Ironically, it prevents large fluctuations in the blood glucose level and helps you control your weight.

6. Breakfast helps in burning calories throughout the day.

7. Breakfast boost energy levels and restore glycogen levels to keep up with metabolism for the day.

Make taking breakfast a habit for healthy life style.

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