7 effective ways to prevent body odour

Body odour is an unpleasant smell and can cause so many issues for people who experience it.

It might affect their quality of life, including their social life. It often boils down to poor hygiene and is caused by bacteria meeting with one’s sweat to give out an unpleasant smell.

A opposed to the belief that body odour is only caused by sweating, it can also be as a result of being obsessed or diabetic.

Body odour can occur in places like

  • Armpit
  • Anus
  • Neck
  • Feet
  • Behind the ears

Body odour can be prevented and controlled through certain ways like

1.Maintaining a good hygiene

Good hygiene can help out curb body odour. One should be able to keep his/her hygiene at the apex. Shower regularly with good scented soap, dry oneself with towel thoroughly, shave when necessary and wear neat and dry clothes.

2.Use Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Body odour can be controlled by using antiperspirants on the body. It will help limit the activity of the bacteria causing the odour. Nice scented deodorants can help give one a sweet scented cologne and also help prevent lots of sweat that might infuse with bacteria and cause body odour to the body.

3.Wear dry and neat clothes

Wet clothes is said to contribute to body odour. Wear very neat and dry clothes, air your clothes if you don’t plan on washing them immediately.

4.Wash your stockings regularly to avoid feet odour.

Change them when necessary including your undies when need be. These can help keep body odour in check.

5.Limit your intake of certain foods and drinks

What you eat might affect your body and can lead to body odour. Foods that makes one sweat more than required like spicy foods and pepperish foods should be limited. Talking to a dietitian will help a lot too, to help choose good food suitable for you.

6.Wear more of cotton clothes than silk

Cotton clothes absorbs more sweat and can keep the body dry more than silk that doesn’t absorb much sweat.

7.Use Antibacterial soap

It can help rid one of bacteria and reduces odour especially scented ones.

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