13 reasons to quit taking much sugar.

Sugars are carbohydrates that are broken down into simple sugars such as glucose and fructose and then used to reproduce energy.

What we are familiar to be sugar, are those white substances that are either in a cube form or a granulated form.

Though sugar is mostly found in processed foods and sweetened drinks, it can still be in natural form, that is when it is in the fruits or dairy products we consume.


Reasons why sugar is not very good for your health:

1. Excess consumption of sugar in the body makes a massive contribution to weight gain. And this excess sugar is stored in the liver, muscles and fat to cause weight gain. This weight usually occurs around the waistline.

2. Sugar can lead to heart diseases like High blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases.

3. Excess sugar normally have effects on dental health and can cause tooth decay.

4. Sugar leads to quick ageing, taking diets that are high in refined sugar may cause the skin to age and contribute to wrinkles and sagging in the skin.

5. Excess sugar can lead to mood swings and depression.

6. Sugar is a strong factor in causing Type 2 diabetes.

7. Sugar intake can cause obesity

8. It can cause stomach cancer

9. Sugar lowers the amount of vitamin E in the blood.

10. It contributes to stress, our body reacts to stress by releasing large amounts of hormones and kicks the body into flight mode. The same thing happens when you eat a lot of sugars.

11. Much sugar in the body system reduces the place of nutrients in the body.

12. Sugary foods and drinks have been associated with a higher risk of developing acne.

13. Effects of sugar can lead to insomnia and cravings


Reduce the intake of sugar in your body system, and if you must take it, it should be from natural sources such as fruits.

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