12 natural ways to get pink lips.

Darkened lips can be as a result too much melanin which could be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, cigarette smoking and lips sucking.

Getting pink lips can be gotten through medications and surgery. However, pink lips can be achieved via natural methods like:

  1. Mustard oil: This can be applied to the lips once per day.
  2. Sugar: 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of olive oil/butter should be blended and applied to the lips 3 times a week. This should be done for 3-4 me minutes.
  3. Almond oil: a drop or two should be applied to the lips.
  4. Cucumber juice: Apply a cool blended cucumber on your lips for about 30 minutes, a cotton bud can be dipped into the juice and applied to the lips.
  5. Olive oil: Apply to the lips before bedtime.
  6. Coconut oil: Apply gently using fingertips. This can be done multiple times a day and before you go to be often .
  7. Aloe Vera: apply a thin layer big fresh aloe Vera gel onto your lips and rinse it off with warm water when it is dried.
  8. Tumeric: mix 1tablespoon of milk and tumeric to make a paste and rub in the lips.
  9. Lime: Lime contains anti- melanin properties. Mix 1 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lime juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of glycerin. Then apply
  10. Lemon and sugar: cut a lemon wedges and dip it in a sugar. Apply the sugared lemon to the lips.
  11. Lemon: cut a the lemon to gently rub the juicy part.
  12. Quit smoking


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