11 healthy habits that will keep you during harmattan

Harmattan season is a dusty and dry season in West Africa, and the dry breeze during harmattan blows from the Northeast or East in the western Sahara and is strongest between December to February.

Harmattan season may be the best season for some people but can have various negative effects to the body and exposes respiratory system to dust.


See habits to keep during harmattan:

1. Bathe with moisture retaining soaps and apply moisturizing creams after taking your bath. Use oils and lotions to avoid excessive dryness of the skin and hair.

2. Hand creams should be used at intervals during the day and at bedtime.

3. Use lip balm on your lips to avoid lip cracks.

4. Wash fruits and vegetables very well especially in salt to avoid food borne disease.

5. Reduce the rate of going out to avoid dust inhalation.

6. Take enough water to beat dehydration caused by extreme dryness of the air. Ensure you have a bottle of water with you all the time.

7. Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes and particles entering the eyes which is common during harmattan.

8. Keep your home and surroundings clean as dust-free as possible, keep doors and windows shut always to avoid letting in dust and harmful bugs.

9. Objects that are highly flammable like petrol and gas should be kept properly and measures should be taken to avoid outbreak of fire during harmattan.

10. Avoid excessive exposure to the cold and dryness that comes with harmattan and increase the risk of illness like pneumonia and arthritis.

11. Eat healthy and balanced diet to help your body fight against disease that may occur as a result of harmattan.


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