“We should listen to the voices of our children,” Patience Ozokwo and Ebelle Okaro says #EndSARS

Patience Ozokwo and ebelle Okaro

Nollywood veteran actresses Patience Ozokwor and Ebere Okaro has demonstrated their support of the call for the disbandment of the Special Anti-robery Squad (SARS).

While preparing for a potential movie together, the two drama icons considered it necessary to make a video encouraging those in authority to listen to the voices of the youths protesting for the end of SARS.

According to them, the youths are the future tomorrow are their demands need to be considered for peace to reign.

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“Let us listen to the voices of our children, they are the future tomorrow,” Patience Ozokwo enthusiastically stated in the video.

Watch below:


Ebelle Okaro and Patience Ozokwo a.k.a. Mama G. are currently in Owerri doing what they are best known for. Mama G. returned to action some time last year, having spent a few years off the spotlight.

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