Video: Watch Naira Marley’s kids brag about their fathers wealth

naira marley's twins

A popular African adage states that “a snake must definitely give birth to something long”. That is true in the case of Nigerian Afro-Pop singer, Azeez Fashola also known as Naira Marley.

The rapper is known to be so full of himself, and often brags about his achievements. He seems to have succeeded in impacting the same attributes to his little twin daughters Aishat and Simiat.

In a video shared by the 29-year-old controversial music star, Aishat and Simiat were spotted boasting about their father’s wealth and fame.

No doubt, these kids seems to very brilliant with the way they expertly spoke in queens language, but something was obviously missing – good manners.

The king of the “Marlians” even pointed this out in with his tweet. He wrote;

“@marliantwinning where’s ur mannaz? My daughters too much”

Watch the video below:

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