Twitter Ban: Desmond Elliot lends his voice for Nigerian youths

Nigerian actor, director, and politician Desmond Elliot has demonstrated his support for Nigerian Youths concerning the recent ban of Twitter in the country.

The Buhari led administration proceeded to implement their spontaneous decision by suspending Twitter indefinitely in Nigeria, not minding the economic impact it would have on the nation.

Desmond Elliot who have constantly been victimised by several Nigerians on social media for allegedly supporting Anti-Social Media Bills, has expressed disappointment over the government’s decision to ban Twitter in Nigeria.

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Elliot, a veteran Nollywood actor criticized the decision, insisting that it tramples upon the fundamental rights of the people.

“I want to admonish our government to always remember that the people’s right to express themselves freely must not be compromised. This ban, no matter the reasons proffered tramples upon our fundamental rights as people,” the legislator said.

He appealed to the authority to consider the negative impact of such ban on entrepreneurs especially the youth.

“In a democratic society like ours, we must weigh the economic and social impact of this ban on the populace — especially our teeming youths and entrepreneurs who depend solely on this platform to carry out their legitimate business.

“In the past, our government have shown the required goodwill to stand on side of the people even when it’s not too convenient for them to do so. I believe that this won’t be an exception. I want to appeal to the government to reconsider this ban in the interest of our people and our country at large.”

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