Nigeria needs a YouTube channel: See a video of a goat that has generated funny comments on Twitter

In the face of difficulty and challenging circumstances, Nigerians still find a way to keep themselves happy, especially on social media.

A video that was recently shared on Twitter by a user named Mrtybaba has generated numerous funny comments from people who saw it.

In the video, a goat was spotted at the top of a moving vehicle overflowing with luggages along Abuja Road.

Watch the video below:

Mere looking at the video, one could hardly spot anything that seems so funny, aside from the fact that it is very unusual to see an animal conveyed in such a manner.

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But trust Nigerians, they could turn anything around in a way you never imagined. They are also capable of making a joke out of almost anything they come across.

Check out some of the funny reactions to the video above:

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