I will wind up if I see you on the road – Angel tells Whitemoney

Reality TV star Angel seems to have taken her distrust for Whitemoney into a different dimension as she has promised to ignore him even after the show.

While conversing with his fellow housemates, Whitemoney told Pere and Cross that he would give them a shout-out wherever he sees them along the road. He promised to also do the same for every other housemates.

At the time Whitemoney was about demonstrating how he would greet Pere when he sees him in the streets of Lagos, Angel who seems to have nurtured resentment for him interrupted and asked him: “who talks like that in Lagos?”

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Whitemoney ignored her and told them that he will greet each one of his fellow housemate the same way if he sees them on the road.

Angel told him: “Do that one to me and I will just wind up.”

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