I previously played a game where I slept with a different girl every day of the week – Cross

Big Brother Naija Season 6 contestant Cross has revealed that he previously played a game that required him to sleep with a different every day of the week.

While discussing with his fellow housemates in the dinning room, the 30-year-old entrepreneur told them that during his days in the colleague, his friends usually engage him in a crazy game called “Perfect Week.”

Cross said they unanimously decided to play the game whereby each of them (usually 5 or 6 friends) will sleep with a different girl from Monday to Sunday. Anyone who completes it has completed the perfect week.

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Emmanuel asked Cross how many perfect weeks he got in those days and his response was, “it’s very difficult.”

Meanwhile, Yousef and Emmanuel also admitted that they played a game similar to the one Cross mentioned but the difference is that the “hunting” was just for a day.

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