“I like to pursue woman,” a man confesses in public, while praying (Watch Video)

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A man was caught on camera while praying in front of the public during a church service session. In a video posted on the Instagram, the unidentified man was spotted complaining to God about his problems in Pidgin English.


He honestly admitted that the main reason why he’s having those problems was as a result of his promiscuity with women.

“Wetin dey do me all these thing is because I like to pursue woman,” he said. He further supplicated God to restrain him from going to Casablanca (a motel), to look for women.

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He continued:

“God don’t allow me to go pursue woman in the name of Jesus. Anything pertaining Casablanca, God no allow me to go Casablanca again, in the name of Jesus. I don go Casablanca, I know wetin I see for Casablanca.”

Watch the hilarious video below:

This may seem like a very funny prayer but the seriousness in the man’s face suggests he was pouring out his heart to God. What do you think?

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