“I Accept am a feminist,” Yul Edochie says in a video


Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has made a strong statement as regards to giving an equal opportunity to both the male and the female child.

In a video interview with Nigerian media outlet Pulse.ng, the actor who recently turned a politician said he strongly believes in ‘equal rights for men and women’.

He made an illustration with his only daughter, insisting that she has the same rights as well as her brothers.

“I believe in equal rights,” he said.

“My first child is a girl and then I have three boys. God help me, by the time I want to leave this world, I have a of assets, I am not going to say, the girl, I won’t give you this.

“That’s crap for me, she’s my child. She’s going to have as much as the boys are going to have, that’s how I see it, because she’s my child”.

Most people usually make reference to feminism whenever such an issue comes up, but Mr. Edochie doesn’t care if his opinion makes him one.

“So if that makes me a feminist,…I accept am a feminist. We must understand that God made man and woman to function together,” he concluded.

Watch the video below:

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