Cubana chief priest, celebrates 3 million amazing followers on Instagram

The celebrity bar man, as he prefers to be called, celebrates 3 million followers on Instagram.

On his Instagram post he says;

3 million amazing IG followers. For this life one thing na to get money, another thing na to sabi chop money.


Paschal Chibuike Okechukwu who goes by the name Cubana chief priest is a native of Orsu Local government area in Imo state, born 2nd April 1982.

He attended Federal Polytechnic, Nekede.

Cubana chief priest is a show promoter, a Nigerian billionaire and business tycoon. An entertainer and MD Cubana groups.

He is said to be the richest and most imfluencial entertainer in the music industry.

Recently, his former boss, Obi Cubana performed his mother funeral rites in his home town at Oba in Anambra state and Cubana chief priest  gave him his full support. Cubana chief priest gifted his former boss 46 cows for the funeral rite.

The luxurious lifestyle of Cubana chief priest gained him his popularity and he has gained even more after the burial of the mother to his former boss, whom he and other celebrities have spent a lot of money in celebration.

In part of his popularity growth is his Instagram followers hitting 3 millon.

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