Zubby Michael Sends Strong Message To Yahoo Boys (Video)

Zubby Michael Sends Strong Message To Yahoo Boys (Video)

Prominent Nigerian celebrity has sent a strong message to Nigerians who specializes in reaping where they do not sow.

Nollywood star, Zubby Michael who is popularly known by his stage name as Eze Ndi Ala, is the person dishing out this timely advice to youths who engage themselves in shady and illegal businesses such as internet scam a.k.a Yahoo.Zubby Michael Sends Strong Message To Yahoo Boys (Video)

In a video posted on his verified instagram page, the actor who spoke in Igbo language pointed out that there is no gain in scamming people, forcefully taking what does not belong to you and at the same time be forming hard guy.

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According to him, karma is real and nature has a way of getting back at them spiritually.

He also advise girls who are obsessed with material things, in his words, he said;

That also goes to girls, is better you date a comfortable guy wey get in house get his two cars, all those five millions and ten millions no be anything to travel, than to go date a multi-billionaire that has ‘spiritual dent’, what do I mean by spiritual dent?  That is doing something illegal for money.

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You dupe somebody collect em money, the person hang himself and die, you now come dey build house, wan marry get family,  no na is wired spiritually, those things will come back. you fit dey born dey go dey die.

And you wey be girl wey leave normal guy wey dey comfortable say you was dey were money dey, oshe gold digger, when you want to enjoy the marriage the man fit die, is not like that, make una dey deep abeg. Make una calm down, life na jeje.

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