Video: Ufuoma McDermott commits grammatical error while trying to impress her Igbo fans

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott took out her time to try and impress her Igbo followers by welcoming them to an event in their native language. But unknown to her, she ended up committing a grammatical blunder in the process.

The beautiful actress revealed in one of her posts on Instagram that she had asked Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo to teach her how to ‘perfectly’ say ‘you are welcome’ in Igbo language.

Afterwards she took to Instagram to showcase her stuff. She wrote:

“I SPOKE IGBO!!! #Ufuomamador for all the women dem! I go out of my way to try and impress my Igbo family members here.

“I took out time and asked my friend to teach me your language perfectly just to say ‘You are all welcome to the virtual #MamadorAugustMeeting'”

Watch the video below:


Ufuoma intended to say ‘you are welcome’, but she was tricked to saying a different thing all together. After learning about her error, she regretted not calling Chioma Akpotha to help out.

But anyways, we got the point.

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