Video: Cardi B steps out with her best friend in expensive birkin

American rap star Cardi B, treated her fans this morning with a lovely video of her ‘best friend’. Guess who? Little Kulture!

The 27-year-old down to the earth celebrity was spotted in a classic Chanel hoodie red sweater and shorts, and she also had an expensive pink birkin bag in her hand.

But she’s not the only one looking classy, her little girl was far more gorgeous in her outfit, and like mommy she also came with a similar birkin bag (a bag that is currently worth over 12,000 USD).

Looks like they are ready for shopping, as they headed towards the car. Watch the video below:

Cardi B is a renowned fashionista, and a stylish mama too, so it is expected for her to adorn her baby girl in the most fashionable clothes a star can get.

Two-year-old Kulture looks so much like her mother, in both her personality and style, and seeing pictures of her wearing the cutest little outfits is such a delight.

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