Nigerian Pastors, Please Stop Killing Your Women By Discouraging Cesarean Section – Etinosa

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Nollywood actress and Instagram comedian, Etinosa Idemudia has called on the Nigerian pastors and churches to encourage Cesarean section (CS) and rather than insisting that their woman deliver through Virgina.

In a two minutes Instagram video, the actress who can be remembered for going naked on MC Galaxy Instagram live video advised nigerian pastor to stop sending their women to an early grave by insisting on Virgina delivery.

She says;

Nigerian daddy G, Nigerian pastors, Nigeria churches, please lagwogo, normalize Cesarean section in your churches, start to encourage your women to avoid child birth mortality rate. to reduce the death rate of women who are putting to bed because they said God of Isaac and Jacob, God of Ajayi Crowder say we must deliver like Hebrew women.

It is the same God that made Cesarean section and every other kind of operations that your doctor is prescribing.

Cesarean section, IVF, IUI, Adoptions, Surrogacy all have been created by God, God made all things and certified all things for your sake and my sake.

My God says I will not take drugs, my God says I will not take operations, Larry if you don’t take your health seriously and the health of your child, you will die,yes there is no God forbid about it, sister you will die.

Watch Full Video below:

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