Mr. P call out fans asking him to reunite with his brother and bring back PSquare

Popular Nigerian music star Peter Okoye a.k.a. Mr. P has taken to Instagram to call out fans who continuously query him for splitting from the famous PSquare group.

The 39-year-old Singer felt it was necessary to put things straight before the release of his long awaited single “Follow My Lead”.

Mr. P noted in his lengthy Instagram post that some individuals have kept criticising him, asking him to apologize to his brother (Paul Okoye a.k.a. Rudeboy), whom they felt does more of the singing.

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But he explained that he officially left the group four years ago and has since then moved on with his career. He also reminded PSquare fans that change is constant and since he has moved on, they should also do the same.

And for those who felt it is wrong for the brothers to separate, as blood they say is thicker than water, Peter Okoye indirectly informed them that his immediate blood are his wife and children.

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