Mike Ezuruonye says Enugu and ‘Okpa’ are inseparable [Video]

Mike Ezuruonye

One of Nollywood’s finest actors Mike Ezuruonye has hilariously stated that the South Eastern people of Enugu cannot be separated from ‘Okpa’.

In one of his regular posts on social media, the 37-year-old actor who is currently filming somewhere in the state said that the local delicacy is the signature of the of Engugu people.

Mike was spotted in a video he posted on Instagram, going round and filming everyone in the shooting location.

Surprising almost everyone there was eating ‘Okpa’ which the actor referred to as the signature of Enugu people.

Watch the video below:

Well, if you must know, ‘Okpa’ is a traditional Nigerian food that is very popular in the South Eastern parts of Nigeria especially Enugu. In fact there’s a saying that: “you have not tasted okpa until you taste ‘okpa ndi Enugu’ (Enugu okpa)”.

It is best prepared using a few ingredients like fresh pepper and uziza leaf, because the main ingredient – Bambara beans, has its own peculiar taste.

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