10 workout routine that helped Jennifer Lopez achieve her ageless figure

When you take a scroll through Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram and watch the reels, you will understand why she is still fit and healthy despite her age. She has over 30 years of fitness and sustainable workout experience. In this article, we are going to explore 10 exciting workout routines of Jennifer Lopez.

Abs workout: Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old, but somehow she makes it her best rep number. JLo’s trainer has explained that all of her abs reps are done in 50s, which includes 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches and 50 incline sit ups with a 45 pound plate. Once she finishes these reps, she repeats the same but with 35 reps for each, then she ends the same routine with 21 reps.

It might seem that abs are Jenny’s favourite muscle group to work on. You will probably have the same set of reps if you enjoy wearing clothes that shove your abdomen for the best part of your life.

Pole workouts: Jennifer Lopez played Ramona, a pole dancer who turned extortionist in the movie ‘Hustlers.’ That was her first time on the pole and she has loved it since then. When she was discussing pole dancing with Jimmy Kimmel, she said that it demanded physical strength.

“The art of pole dancing works for many muscle groups at once. It is like doing acrobatics,” she explained. She regularly posts videos of her preparation on Instagram and she also gives us new moves.

No rest days: We all need to rest on some days, but this is in no way encouraging you to avoid rest. However, Jennifer Lopez does not take days off. In 2015, she told US Weekly that she does not skip workouts and it is still true today. If you check her Instagram, you will find pictures of her in workout clothes on Christmas eve. To her millions of fans, that is what consistency and dedication to strength and endurance are about.

JLo lifts heavy: While many people in their 50s are careful not to do anything extra tedious, JLo is out there lifting 300 pounds with her legs. Her leg presses 300 pounds 10 times. That is an evidence of her commitment to the fitness journey and a proof that she is a fitness guru.

workout routine that helped Jennifer Lopez achieve her ageless figure


Strength training, which is not the furry of many women is the hallmark of Jennifer Lopez. If you want to be known as a fitness enthusiast, you have to put in the work like JLo.

Three Bs: When you ask a fitness enthusiast what their best muscle groups to work on are, they will mention at least three Bs. So, it is not surprising that Jennifer Lopez gave us a peek into her routines and it has her best three being Bs. She likes to focus on the biceps, back and booty. That is an incredible trio to focus on if you ask me. She made this known during her 2019 “It’s My Party” tour. This workout routine makes her bikini posts more aesthetically pleasing.

Warm-ups: Jennifer Lopez likes to add music to her workout. She likes to keep her warm-up routine fun and simple. Tracy Anderson, one of her trainers told People Magazine that she does the upper body warm-ups with Jennifer. She says their first ones had no weights and then they add three pounds weight after the two songs. The fourth song comes with 5 pound weights. Warm-ups give Jennifer the perfect mood and spirit to get into her main workouts. The habit she has cultivated has helped her maintain an excellent workout culture throughout the years.

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JLo takes fitness easy: Jennifer likes to take things lightly. She does not treat anything like a challenging do-or-die situation. While she is the best at her workouts and always does shocking things, she is also not opposed to having fun and letting loose. She regularly posts photos of herself goofing around with her loved ones and takes different poses while taking breaks between her workouts. If you want to work out your lifestyle, you need to let it be an easy trip for you. Making a big deal out of it will only reduce the fun.

Home workouts: Some of the best excuses why you are not actively working out is either that the gyms were closed for too long or there are no gyms in your area. To add a little spark to your excuses, you can add that you can’t afford a gym membership. However, you find the superstars working out even at home. Jennifer Lopez has a pole installed at her home for pole dancing and boxing. You can also be like her and start training at home.

Dancing: Jenny uses dance as a medium to boost her confidence. She has dance sessions to lift her spirit and give herself joy. But she does not forget that dancing is a part of her fitness. Jenny is a dancer at heart and she moves her body in all situations. She told Hello Magazine that dance boosts her confidence and helps her wear her confidence with pride.


Fitness apps: JLo uses various apps, but she has confirmed chiefly to the use of a fitness app when working out her comfort zone. This could be before she hits the stage on a tour outside or when she has to do a major show like the SNL or Golden Globes. When you learn to work out like JLo and achieve the body she is working with at 51, don’t forget to flaunt it and show us the process.

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