Angel is intentionally chasing clout – Whitemoney

Reality TV star Onyeze Hazel popularly known as Whitemoney has inferred that his colleague Angel is consciously chasing clout.

While conversing with his friend Queen, Whitemoney said he had a chat with Angel and he told her that she intentionally chases clout. According Whitemoney, Angel usually comes to the camera to see if it is monitoring her and then adds more energy.

“I told her before Angel this not you. You just do it for clout…You look at the camera to see if it’s looking at you then you add more energy.” She laughed and said it’s a game.

Whitemoney also criticised Angel’s attitude towards him yesterday when she disputed him over Cross’s dead fish. Recall that Whitemoney made a joke yesterday that Cross murdered his fish. Angel took it personal and said was a weird joke.

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