Angel disrespected her fans by not putting effort during the Head of House game – Saga

Big Brother Naija Season 6 contestant Saga has criticised his colleague Angel for her nonchalance during their Head of House game yesterday night.

Angel had a very good chance of obtaining maximum points that could have helped her avoid nomination and possible eviction on Sunday, but she wasted it by applying little effort during the game.

Saga told Nini that Angel’s attitude during the game was very disrespectful to her fans who are rallying around to see that she is not evicted from the house.

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He said those fans would feel disappointed as Angel’s nonchalance could be a hint that she doesn’t appreciate their effort to save her.

Angel allowed her emotions to get the better of her after she surprisingly saw herself on the nomination list for the very first time since the show began. Do you think her actions will affect her game?

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