Actresses who were forced to conceal their pregnancies while filming

As you all know, childbirth is one of the most wonderful feelings, but it can be a burden to women especially Hollywood actresses who are made to conceal it during their line of work.

Fortunately though, through camera strategies, closet hacks and on the nose plot, pregnant actresses are now and then able to do their job on screen without fear of getting caught with such a phenomenon. Let’s see how some of the following actresses were forced to hide their pregnancy on set.

Blake Lively in The Shallows: At the end of shooting ‘The Shallows,’ Blake Lively got pregnant with her second child. The film director and staff members couldn’t stand it, so her baby bump was concealed by a surfboard or by being submerged underwater.

The 28-year-old actress at the time shot most of the film without the assistance of a stunt double. But what is even more important was that not a single scene from the movie showed her baby bump.

Carrie Washington in Scandal: In the first few scenes of season 6, Carrie’s pregnancy was covered up with oversized coats and deliberately set packs. She was also pregnant with her daughter while she was shooting season 3 in which some scenes got shorter than they were actually planned.

ABC was not allowed to comment on the scene arranged for Scandal season 6 and on the appearance, so they cut the scene arrangement from 22 to 18 when Washington was pregnant. She was forced to begin with the child in season 3.

Lisa Kudrow in Friends: Lisa got pregnant while she was shooting season 4 of Friends. Rather than stowing it away, they made Lisa’s character Phoebe be the surrogate mother for her brother and his spouse Alice. Lisa Kudrow was pregnant with her child Jillian in the shooting of season 4 and it has been told by many magazines and news reporters that she gave birth in the 9th finale.

The birth which was a surrogacy coming out in triplets for her half-brother was composed into the appearance after Kudrow declared her real-life pregnancy. It has been stated that since Kudrow was pregnant with one child, that additional cushioning had to be included to create it to show up that she was anticipating triplets.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman: On screen, Gadot was actually pregnant while shooting Wonder Woman, a film that has been breaking the box office all inclusive. The Israeli performing artist played a superhero within the film.

Gal Gadot was five months pregnant when she had to return to the studio for a few reshoots of the film. In November Gal Gadot had to do reshoots for Wonder Woman while being five months pregnant. Since her ensemble was exceptionally form-fitting, the director had to utilize a bunch of green screens so they could CGI her child bump.

Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy: When Meredith gave her liver to her offended father in season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy, the storyline was thought up to conceal Pompeo’s bum when she was pregnant with her daughter. In many shots, it was hard for the cameraman to capture her pictures as her tummy was quite visible and prominent.


The thing which was saving the shot was a character which showed that she had a liver operation due to which it got swelled up. But along with the condition, a huge amount of makeup and camera edits were used to cover up her pregnancy.

Julia Roberts in Ocean’s Twelve: Julia may have been the most effortless when dealing with her pregnancy. Julia got pregnant with her twins Hazel and Phineas while filming Ocean Twelve and her pregnancy was composed into the script.

Rather than stowing it away, the movie decided to incorporate Julia’s pregnancy story into the storyline itself. This has to be the best hiding of all time. All the time when the audience thought it was a character, Julia was actually expecting a baby. Speculation kicked into high gear after she was spotted out in Los Angeles with a possible baby belly.

January Jones in Mad Men: The on-screen character wore a fat suit for her season 5 return after a speedy recuperation and small weight pickup due to her pregnancy. All of the Mad Men fans who thought January Jones’s real-life pregnancy caused her weight gain streamlined her appearance through her story in season 5.


The scholars composed Betty Trapper’s weight gain storyline which required her to wear a fat suit and prosthetics to account for January Jones’s real weight pick up from her pregnancy. It was a hard time for January working while she was pregnant, which caused some minor complications. The creator of the movie Matthew Weiner didn’t the write the pregnancy into the plot.

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Celebrity child bumps may show a bit of a challenge in cases where pregnancy can’t be composed into a character storyline, but the producers and directors search for ways to camouflage developing tummies. That could come in form of inventive posturing, intelligent closet choices or other tricks.

Are you amazed at how these celebrities were made to hide their pregnancy with the help of cameras and makeup, and work against their will? Most definitely!

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