New Fraud Trick All POS Operators Should Be Aware Of This Festive Season.

New Fraud Trick All POS Operators Should Be Aware Of This Festive Season.

Are you into POS business? if yes then the following message is for you.

It has been brought to my knowledge that some fraudulent people out there have designed a new means of scamming POS operators especially in this festive period.

As you are all trying to make profits during this festive season, some fraudulent people will be moving about to defraud non suspecting agents.

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Please note that at this period no matter how busy it gets, Kindly check the receipt of all card withdrawal transactions and confirm the amount again before parting with cash. It has been observed that when you pass the POS machine to the customer to input his/her PIN, fraudulent customers can remove one or two zeros from the transaction before inputting their PIN. Thus you may have inputted #100,000 but the customer will go back, input #100 before inputting His/her PIN. Please check the amount on the receipt before paying any customer.

Please be vigilant of customers who you are not familiar with but are suddenly in a hurry to consummate transactions.

Taking/Delaying the customer to carry out due diligence can help to prevent unnecessary loss of fund this period.

Please be careful, be security and self conscious!

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