7 ways to increase sales in a barbing salon

Owning a barbing salon is one service that is always sought after in Nigeria. Every two weeks or three, men trooped into barbing salons to get a haircut.

Even as highly demanded as barbing services are needed, there are still barbers who complain of not making enough sales.
To make many sales or to increase sales in any business, certain factors will be in consideration.

Read along to see how to increase sales in a barbing salon:
1. Make video contents

It is okay to create written content about your business, but creating video content will have a more convincing effect on your customers. You may decide to create content of when you are barbing someone’s hair and what the outcome looks like, or content about your services and what you offer.

2. Send birthday discounts

To increase sales in a barbing salon, you need to build a customer relationship and one way of doing that is by getting to know the birthday of your customers and by so doing, you can send messages across to them, offering birthday discounts.


3. Sell yourself everywhere you go

If you are ashamed to sell yourself or the service you provide then you are not yet ready to make sales. Have a business card that you can easily give to people anywhere. Bring in conversations where you can have the opportunity to tell people if what services you provide.


4. Exceptional customer services

People never forget who treats them right in a hurry. Have customer service that will be memorable to the customers that visit your barbing salon. Speak to them in a gentle and welcoming manner, offer seats to them, engage them in conversations that will make them relax and get them to smile even if they didn’t come to your salon smiling. Just make sure that your services are top-notch.

5. Branding

Branding is a way to sell your products and make them known to people. It gives a business a spectacular outlook, branding starts from the painting of your barbing salon to your business card, branded T-shirts and business name.

6. Be your model.

You cannot have a barbing salon and be looking unkempt. It will not tell good of you. If you must attract people to your salon then you should look nice yourself, wear nice haircuts that may even compel people to ask who your stylist is.

7. Ideal location

Location is the heart of every business. If your business location is unaccessible and too far from where your target audience is then you have problems. Make sure to locate your salon in a place that will be much easier for everyone to locate.


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