7 lucrative business ideas for fashion designers

Fashion designers have joined the clique of the lucrative businesses in the world. The world of fashion designing is so vast that it has a lot of niches that one can fit into and still financially.

Some fashion designers, still limit themselves to just making clothes alone while there are other things they could do to earn extra cash in their business.


Business ideas:

1. Home delivery 

Offering home delivery to busy or working-class customers will make you retain them. If you are a tailor you can go to their houses to get their measurement and bring the finished clothes back to them when you are done making the clothing. It will ease stress off them and earn you extra money.


2. Add a shoe and bag line

Adding a shoe and a bag line will help increase your business and it is a good way to make money since most customers will still have to buy shoes and bags when they leave your shop. You then buy from you instead. The advantage here is that you will not need to start looking for new customers to patronize you.



3. Be a ppersonal stylist

You can add the work of a stylist to the list of things you do. There are a lot of people who are always in need of someone to help them choose their clothing.


4. Organise fashion events

By organising fashion events, you make your brand more visible to other people to know you, meet you and do business with you.


5. Mend clothes 

Not every fashion designer agrees to mend clothes for people, starting up with mending clothes for people will fetch you some money definitely because there are a lot of persons who have beautiful dresses that they want to amend, and will still pay for the job.


6. Own a fashion blog

Even if you cannot write, you can get someone to always write in your blog, be consistent with it. Put up trends, consultations, matching outfits and a whole lot that will benefit your customers.


7. Create online courses

Some people would want to learn fashion designing at their leisure, creating an online course will be valuable to them and bring money to you because they will have to buy it. The online course can come in form of a written manual or YouTube video.


With these business ideas strive to become a fashion designer than were.

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